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from $195Custom Athletics Logo Banners for Home and Away

Athletic logo banners are great for sports that often travel to meets and wish to express their team pride and spirit, and provide a rallying point for the team. Sports that often use travel banners include swimming & diving, water polo, volleyball, crew, fencing, and skiing.

Oldest and largest maker of athletic logo banners in the U.S.A.

Our custom travel and home logo banners are constructed using the applique process, our unique hand-crafted specialty. It's easily distinguished from flimsy screened or digitally printed vinyl banners, and in turn distinguishes your program.

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200 denier nylon. It is available in 78 colors, which can sometimes be layered to create in-between shades. Fabric can be flame treated if needed.
Our preferred finish is pole pockets top and bottom, with banner poles. This creates a neat look and keeps the banner hanging straight. The other typical finish is grommets along the top and/or bottom.
Pricing starts at $195 for a 3' x 5' banner with a simple graphic. Please contact us to get pricing based on your logo or design.

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