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Hand Sewn Since 1892


Custom, Quality Hand Sewn Banners, Flags, and Table Drapes

Make your company or organization look its best!

We manufacture only the finest custom banners, flags, table drapes, and more. To create your logo banner or flag, our sewing department layers and stitches different colored fabrics together. This process is known as appliqué, and produces a hand crafted, quality product that is easily distinguished from its mass-produced competition, and in turn distinguishes your company or organization.

Custom Logo Banners

Banners with your logo can be used at conferences, events, trade shows, or even as temporary signage. Click here for more information on custom banners.

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Custom Company Logo Flags

Flags with your organization's logo can be used to distinguish your location or event. Click here for more information on custom flags.

Custom Logo Table Drapes

Table covers, table throws, or table skirts can be used at recruiting events, trade shows, and more. Click here for more information on custom table drapes.

Custom Backdrops for Trade Shows, Media Events

Custom backdrops are great for trade shows, press conferences and other media events. Click here for more information on custom backdrops.

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