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What is an Applique Banner, Flag, or Table Drape?

Appliqué means the layering of fabric on fabric, the oldest method of custom banner and flag manufacture. Because each item is individually assembled and stitched by our expert sewing crew, your flag, banner, or table drape is given plenty of human attention. This results in a hand crafted, quality product that is easily distinguished from its mass-produced competition, and in turn distinguishes your company or organization.

Overview of the Applique Process

Plotter Plotter closeup

Plotting the pattern

Our art department digitizes your design to a file that is made up of lines and curves. This file is plotted onto paper using a pounce tool, which traces your design and leaves small holes in the paper.
Banner Layout Stenciling of the pattern

Stenciling the pattern

The paper pattern is positioned onto correctly colored fabric, pinned, and then stenciled using a special ink. The ink passes through the holes in the paper, marking the fabric beneath it.
Closeup of stitching Stitching closeup

Stitching the design

Our sewing department uses a zig-zag stitch to sew over the stenciled pattern, affixing the color fabric being sewn to the fabric beneath it.
Hand cutting closeup Closeup of hand cutting

Cutting the design

Once stitching is complete, the excess fabric is cut off by hand, leaving only the stitched design behind.
grommet press Banner Poles


When all colors have been stitched and cut, the banner or flag is hemmed and finished, with pole pockets or grommets added as needed. We complete your order with pole sets for hanging or flying if you need them.
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