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from $395Custom Gonfalons for Graduation

Ideally represent your institution at commencement.

The gonfalon's roots can be traced back to ancient Roman vexillum, and was later used by medieval guilds and various religious orders (some of whom continue to use them to this day).

They are now popularly used in graduation and commencement ceremonies to represent the whole educational institution, or schools within it. They are used at both the collegiate and high school level.

The distinctive, polished oak and brass pole sets and are only $185, and hand sewn applique gonfalons start at just $395.

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Usually 3' wide x 5' tall
200 denier nylon. It is available in 78 colors, which can sometimes be layered to create in-between shades. Fabric can be flame treated if needed.
Special pole pocket on top. Typically angled on the bottom, with optional fringe.
Pole sets are $185; gonfalons start at $395. Please contact us to get pricing based on your logo or design.

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