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from $995Hand Sewn Fabric Breakthrough - Breakaway - Bust-Out Banners

breakthrough bust-out breakaway banner diagram

A breakaway banner (also known as a breakthrough, run-through, or bust-out banner) is made up of two halves which join together with hook and loop fastening. A pole runs through a pocket on each side; the base is driven into the ground, while the top is secured with ropes held by your cheerleaders. This allows your athletes to burst through the banner for a dramatic on field entrance.


All pricing includes banner, poles, rope and carry bag.
6'h x 8'w 8'h x 10'w 10'h x 12'w 10'h x 20'w
$995 $1495 $2095 $2895
12'h x 16'w 12'h x 24'w 15'h x 20'w 15'h x 30'w
$2995 $3895 $4095 $5195
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200 denier nylon. It is available in 78 colors, which can sometimes be layered to create in-between shades. Fabric can be flame treated if needed.
Pricing starts at $995 for a 6' x 8' banner with a simple graphic. Pricing for larger sizes is shown below, or you can contact us to get pricing based on your logo or design.

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